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MEOW Branding

Meow is the vocalization of cats. One of the cutest voices on earth..
Our Meow here is a texting mobile app inspired from cat meowing, as the app name implies.

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Creativity, in
an original way

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Creativity, in
an original way

Innovation AKA Creativity, is the ability to use imagination to produce a novel idea, design, concept or product that is useful to society. In other words, it means, “Creating something new“ The moment we decided to start, we asked ourselves; what will be our mission? What will distinguish us from our competitors? As a marketing agency, being creative is no more an option but an obligation to survive. In order to help our clients to achieve their goals, we have to develop brilliant ideas, invent memorable designs, and sketch new strategies… Wait a minute; some of our competitors say that they do that TOO! Will we be following the same example? How would it be possible to fall into a kind of imitation when trying to be creative?
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also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining
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